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About Us


Our team decided to take a leap from the regular to a technology. We knew it would be difficult but not impossible. Our team decided to focus on Big screens with touch Interactive surfaces which had never been explored & thought about before.

This would mean integration of technologies in a different way unlike the regular & creating a surface that would be capable of matching the present & leaping into the future. We also had a vision to make a product that was totally a Make-In-India Product.

After years of R&D, our team finally made it possible. We have created a surface that is abreast with the present technology & leaping miles ahead of the present technology. Our Team is striving to make VEZEN a leader in the Vision Display market with our rapid Technology adaptation & expanding network of partners across the globe.


Our team’s mission is to produce, identify & implement important new technologies in the field of visual display mediums, deciphering their practical impact and revealing how they will change our lives.